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Back in 2007, when I was just starting to get a hang of drawing on a computer, I made a series of comics about one of my favourite games and gaming communities, Doom. The images ended up being very popular on 4chan’s /v/ so I kept making them. I have mostly stopped drawing them, but I still make one now and then. If you are wondering why there are so many Doom comics, that is why. Anything marked “OLD” has a publishing date of 2008 or before that I couldn’t track down. They are listed as ‘2009’ for the sake of organization. Most of the older Doom comics are from 2005-2006.


I’m always open to any ideas or questions, and I respond to every e-mail. Just shoot me a message (or tweet, if you’d like) if you ever want to get in touch.

Every comic is done using Microsoft Paint and a mouse!